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Hi, my name is Robert. I built this free running log for people wanting an easy to use running, that gives you instant statistics and reports.

The running log was built as a personal training tool, just for my friends an myself, but I was asked to make it available to the public, so I did. Hope you find it useful!

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Robert's Training Log

Showing my 100 most recent runs.

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12 June 2015New/Old/TestEasy Run 40.00 min10.00 kmtest run
27 April 2011Asics 2140Threshold Intervals 57.50 min15.00 km2 x 5 km (9 x 1 lap) at 17:13 - bathroom break - another one at 17:44. Starting feel a bit tired at the end. Decent progress though, I am getting faster for each week now. I have just started using Garmin Connect now. I might just abandon updating this log as a result! It's just faster and gives me all the stats too.
20 April 2011Asics 2140Long Intervals 52.00 min13.20 kmBull Rush Park. Each lap is about 550 meters. I did Threshold intervals today. 4 laps @ 7:58, 1 lap jog, 5 laps @ 9:56, 1 lap jog, 5 laps @ 10:01. About 3:34 per km. Not bad, considering my lack of training.
01 March 2011Asics Gel DS-Trainer 14Easy Run 33.00 min7.00 kmIndoors at Edgeworth. I am so outta shape. Groins sore when running.
16 February 2011Asics 2140Easy Run 76.00 min16.00 kmRR 203 out and back. Minus 21, slow moving. Achilles tendons still a bit sore, but not terribly bad.
15 February 2011Adidas ???Easy Run 46.00 min10.00 kmSuper cold wind. Ran around Mirror Lake, and today I noticed both achilles tendons are sore, especially the right one. Bummer.
14 February 2011Asics 2140Easy Run 92.00 min20.00 kmRR 203 out and back. Ran out of steam on the way back... I'm not in great shape yet and going too fast tires me out quickly. Oh well, I'll just keep working on it.
13 February 2011Asics 2140Long run 149.50 min33.00 kmMirror Lake, nice weather, around plus 3 and sunny. Felt quite good and picked up the tempo towards the end.
02 February 2011Asics 2140Easy Run 63.50 min14.00 kmBirm and Mirror Lake. Around zero degrees at 9pm. Felt great.
01 February 2011Asics 2140Short Intervals 54.00 min12.00 km7 x 1 lap at Edgeworth. Ian was super-fast. Had to work hard to keep up.
28 January 2011Asics 2140Easy Run 74.00 min16.20 kmMirror Lake
27 January 2011Asics 2140Easy Run 83.00 min18.00 kmRR #203 out and back.
26 January 2011Asics 2140Easy Run 54.00 min12.00 kmRR #203 out and back.
25 January 2011Asics 2140Easy Run 74.00 min16.00 kmRR #203 out and back at lunch time.
24 January 2011Asics 2140Easy Run 83.60 min18.00 kmRR 203 out and back. Road was plowed and quite nice (for a change).
23 January 2011Adidas ???Easy Run 80.00 min15.90 kmDang snow makes it so slow to run. Windy as heck, but only minus 2.
22 January 2011Adidas ???Easy Run 56.00 min11.50 kmSnow everywhere. My legs get really tight from running on this crap.
20 January 2011Adidas ???Easy Run 47.00 min10.00 kmMirror Lake.
19 January 2011Adidas ???Easy Run 45.60 min10.00 kmMirror Lake, felt pretty good today.
18 January 2011Adidas ???Short Intervals 40.00 min9.50 km10 x 1 lap at Edgeworth with Ian. First indoor run with the Augustana team.
13 January 2011Asics Gel DS-Trainer 14Easy Run 67.00 min14.00 kmAnaheim, NAMM show. 9 km in the morning at 37 minutes, then jog to a jam at the Juke Joint with Mark Wein, and jog back. About 5 km for that.
04 January 2011Adidas ???Short Intervals 21.00 min5.00 km4 x 4 laps at Edgeworth with Karly.
20 December 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 34.00 min8.10 kmDrove the car into the ditch by a stupid mistake...had to get it winched up and ran short as a result. Taking lots of time off in December - not really motivated to train high volume right now - no race plans yet.
14 December 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 61.60 min15.00 km2 days of rest made the legs fresh like spring flowers. Minus 9 and some slippery spots on the gravel roads.
11 December 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 92.30 min20.50 kmRR 201 out and back. Felt quite good.
10 December 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 85.00 min18.00 kmRR 201 out and back. Cold, minus 19 and my nose froze a bit. Not very inspiring.
09 December 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 88.60 min20.00 kmRR 201 out and back. Legs a bit sore after.
08 December 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 87.60 min20.00 kmRR 201 out and back. Felt good. Minus 13.
02 December 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 79.70 min18.00 kmMirror Lake and birm. Didn't sleep much last night but felt quite okay anyway. Minus 10.
01 December 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 64.00 min15.00 kmFelt quick today around Mirror Lake.
30 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 62.00 min14.50 kmCold wind and minus 16. Brrr. Ran to Edgeworth and did a few laps in there, then ran back home in the cold again.
29 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 53.00 min12.20 kmMirror Lake, a bit tired.
24 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 37.50 min8.40 kmMinus 17 C outside. Feet didn't like the temperature, otherwise, I felt fine. Around Mirror Lake twice.
23 November 2010Adidas ???Short Intervals 45.00 min10.80 km8 x 430 meters indoors at Edgeworth Centre. All 8 at about 1:20. The surface feels so hard - legs sore after. 50 laps in total.
22 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 42.00 min10.00 km10 km indoors at Edgeworth Centre. Legs get tired quickly from this super hard surface.
21 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 59.00 min13.00 kmEasy 13 kilometers, mostly Mirror Lake.
19 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 70.70 min16.00 kmAround town.
18 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 78.50 min18.00 kmOut on RR 201 out and back. Minus 15 and windy! 40 min to turnaround in headwind, and 38.5 coming back. Had to wear lots of clothes to put up with the chill.
17 November 2010Adidas ???Long Intervals 60.50 min15.00 km5 x 1000m in minus 11 and windy. Freezing cold and snow blowing onto the track. Splits: 3:17, 3:20, 3:22, 3:22, 3:21, about 1:20/200 m jog in between. Decent workout considering the conditions.
16 November 2010Adidas ???Mixed 38.00 min9.00 km10 x 30 seconds fast, and 1 x 500 meters at 1:33 (against a strong cold wind). Felt good to run fast. Miserably cold weather, however.
13 November 2010Saucony XC SpikesRace 33.00 min8.00 kmCitizen's race in Fredericton. 17:10 and 1st place. Men's team 5th today, Women were 7th. Strong running by all.
13 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 21.00 min4.50 kmRan to downtown Fredericton, bought presents, ran back to the hotel.
12 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 74.50 min16.00 kmAlong the river in Fredericton in the morning. Nice to run here - great trails along the river.
12 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 39.50 min9.00 kmAlong the river in Fredericton. Very nice. Warm weather, around 12 degrees.
08 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 81.50 min18.10 kmLate evening around the birm. Cold, minus 6 - not used to it! At least not snow. Yet.
07 November 2010Adidas ???Long run 156.60 min34.00 kmNice weather this morning. Got home at 4:30am from a Castor gig... got up at 10 and went for a long run. Felt surprisingly good after all.
06 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 99.00 min22.20 kmMirror Lake, morning run, ran fast towards the end with Brendan.
05 November 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 80.30 min18.00 kmTired, need more sleep now.
04 November 2010Nike VomeroEasy Run 75.60 min17.00 kmTired legs. Might need new shoes me thinks.
03 November 2010Nike VomeroEasy Run 87.00 min20.00 kmOut on the gravel roads.
02 November 2010Nike VomeroEasy Run 55.75 min12.50 kmMirror Lake.
02 November 2010Nike VomeroEasy Run 37.80 min8.30 kmMirror Lake late evening.
01 November 2010Nike VomeroEasy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmMirror Lake at lunch, a bit tired.
01 November 2010Nike VomeroEasy Run 40.80 min9.20 kmMirror Lake at evening.
31 October 2010Nike VomeroLong run 178.50 min34.40 kmEasy pace on the ski trails and the valley with Ian, David B, David A, Shera, and Noel. Felt a bit tired after having played a Halloween gig at Scalliwags last night.
30 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 70.80 min16.10 kmEvening run before my Halloween gig. Today the Aug men won ACAC gold and women ACAC bronze! I was tired after getting back and had to have a nap.
29 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 26.10 min6.30 kmAround Mirror Lake, late evening. Felt strong and worked up the pace on my way back.
29 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 78.30 min18.00 kmRR 201 out and back, felt really good.
28 October 2010Nike VomeroEasy Run 89.50 min20.00 kmRR 201 out and back. Some blisters from these shoes.
28 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 26.70 min6.30 kmMirror Lake late evening.
27 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 44.00 min10.00 kmRR 201 out and back. Didn't have much time today. Almost crapped my pants!
26 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 105.00 min23.70 kmRR 201 and RR 203. Felt really good.
25 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 53.70 min12.00 kmCan't remember.
24 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 90.00 min20.80 kmLate evening run. Slept in this morning, rehearsed with Myra and the boys so the only available time to run was at 9:30. Hard to run longer than 20 km that late at night. Felt good though! Wet weather, around plus 1 degree.
23 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 91.50 min20.00 kmRunkeeper was off on the way back... ran 10 km out and back. Left achilles a little sore/tight.
22 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 84.00 min18.00 kmNike + seemed a bit off today. Felt a bit tired from not sleeping enough lately. Body is still fit though, I can tell.
21 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 90.00 min20.00 kmRR 201 out on gravel, back on road. Runkeeper worked correctly this time. Felt okay.
20 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 51.50 min11.40 kmLunch run, on RR 203 out and back. Felt okay.
20 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 52.00 min11.50 kmAugustana 4 km course with Neil in 17:25. Felt tired overall so I just ran at an easy pace. Ran there and back.
19 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 67.30 min15.00 kmOut on RR 203. This is currently road is slow, due to big gravel rocks, which makes the footing a bit difficult.
19 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 29.00 min6.50 kmEvening run. Both Nike+ and Runkeeper have problems with the GPS when running at night or when it is cloudy. I ran way faster and longer than what the app indicates.
18 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 87.50 min20.00 kmRR 203 and Mirror Lake. Felt really good.
17 October 2010Saucony XC SpikesRace 42.00 min11.00 kmAugustana race. 5th place in 28:20. Great race for me! I passed halfway at 13:59 so I lost a bit on the 2nd lap. It was not a perfect race, because I had B.M. problems on the 2nd lap... I could probably pushed myself down to low 28s if it hadn't been for that. Still very happy though. Buddy was 28 seconds behind me, and Andy Pohl just ripped it up with 27:31 - wicked performance. He was third behind Willy and Ed.
16 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 10.00 min2.00 kmRan around cheering for Karly in Vermilion. She was 41st.
16 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 50.00 min10.80 kmAround Mirror lake. A bit tired.
15 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 56.00 min12.70 kmEasy run.
15 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 36.00 min8.00 kmDirt road loop. Suddenly very cold out. Brr.
14 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 49.00 min11.00 kmGood pace, late evening run. Went down to under 3:30/km a few times. Felt very strong.
13 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmMirror Lake at lunch.
13 October 2010Adidas ???Short Intervals 71.00 min16.10 km5 x 800 with Aug team (ran with Buddy). 1 lap jog in between. Splits: 2:40, 2:33, 2:29, 2:31, 2:32 and a 400 lap in 1:08. Used my new spikes for the first time. I felt very strong today. Wonderful evening weather, 13 degrees or so and no wind. Perfect.
12 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 83.50 min18.00 kmMirror Lake easy.
10 October 2010Nike PegasusLong run 150.00 min33.00 kmTownship Road 472 - RR 201. A dog kept me company for a mile, until the owner came biking after us. I think my Pegasus shoes are done. Legs felt quite sore towards the end of the run, and after. Will take tomorrow off and start with new fresh shoes on Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving!
09 October 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 93.00 min20.20 kmRR 201, felt pretty good.
08 October 2010Adidas ???Easy Run 94.00 min20.00 kmFelt a bit tired today. Ran around Mirror Lake numerous times.
07 October 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 93.00 min20.70 kmRecovery run. Legs a bit mushy from the faster pace yesterday, but still felt quite good. Out and back on RR #203.
06 October 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 83.00 min20.40 kmFelt great today, so I picked up the pace. Ran a lot of it at about marathon pace.
05 October 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 83.50 min18.00 kmFelt much better today than yesterday. Mostly around Mirror Lake. Quite windy.
04 October 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 67.50 min14.00 kmVery tired today. Took it easy. Legs weak.
03 October 2010Nike PegasusLong run 180.50 min38.00 kmNice morning long run out on the gravel roads. Perfect weather.
02 October 2010Saucony A2 (2nd in 2009)Race 60.00 min13.50 km8km Grant MacEwan race at Goldstick Park, 4th place in 29:14. Good race for me. Really tough course.
01 October 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 76.00 min17.00 kmEasy around Mirror Lake.
30 September 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 86.30 min20.00 kmRR #201 - #200 loop. Felt very good!
29 September 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 114.00 min25.20 kmGot kind of lost, running around RR #200 out to the correction line road. Had to make long extra loop to get home, so this ended up being longer than planned.
28 September 2010Nike VomeroEasy Run 68.00 min19.00 kmMirror Lake, a whole bunch of laps. Felt quite okay.
27 September 2010Nike VomeroEasy Run 93.00 min20.00 kmFelt quite tired today. RR #203 out and back. They had scraped the gravel road, so it was way softer and slower to run on. Strong headwind heading back too. Dehydrated after the run, I weighed 129.8 pounds. Lowest weight ever in 15 years probably.
26 September 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 97.00 min20.00 kmEasy pace around Mirror Lake. Got photos taken at Augustana. Felt tired, legs not fresh at all.
26 September 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 44.00 min10.30 kmEvening run, felt way better than this morning.
25 September 2010Saucony A2 (2nd in 2009)Race 56.00 min14.00 kmRed Deer XC Race 8 km. 4th place in 30:50 (long course). Quite happy with this run, since I've felt quite tired all week from training. Felt quite strong at the end, actually.
24 September 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 89.00 min20.00 kmLunch run, 10 km out and back on RR #203.
23 September 2010Nike PegasusEasy Run 87.80 min20.00 kmRR #201 out and back. Felt good.
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