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Posted:  19 Jun 2005 20:07
As you probably aready know, I added a page called "workouts" where you can select all your races, all your long runs, etc. Any comments on this feature? I thought I'd see some excited comments after I added this feature, but I haven't heard any comments yet. I for one find it very useful to see only certain types of runs.
Posted:  25 Jun 2005 13:48
Hi Robert

Indeed a nice feature. This makes the log complete.

Happy training to everybody

Posted:  17 Apr 2007 21:09   Last Edited By: sunvalleylaw
I am new to your log, but already see this as a very useful feature.  That way, I can log bike rides as other, for instance, as I understand it.  Then sort bike rides from runs, etc. later. I am also logging bike rides as being under a separate pair of shoes, ie, the bike.  I am thinking that will help when I want to sort work outs later too.   Cool feature!