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Posted:  24 Sep 2008 14:01
Hi everybody,

My name is Dale, I live in Prince Rupert, and I've got a 50th birthday coming in 3 years.  I'm planning on running the Victoria marathon in 2010 to herald in my second half century.  I haven't run since '05 so I am starting at the beginning - a walk/run conditioning program.


Posted:  28 Sep 2008 18:05
Hi Dale, thanks for that great intro! Hope it all goes well for you.
Posted:  01 Oct 2008 12:28
Dale, your forgot to mention your coach!!  I hope to see you out doing the long runs on the highway this winter.  Bob in PR
Posted:  04 Oct 2008 17:28
Oh yeah, have to mention coach Bob.  We're going to partner in a 1/2 marathon relay in April.  It will be treadmill for me until then - I'll leave the rainy highway to Bob.