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Posted:  01 Dec 2008 20:55
After running my 1st marathon on Oct. 12, I gradually started back running, and I mean I took it easy.  After about the 3 rd week I noticed a dull pain on top of the foot about 1 inch back from the big toe.  It only starts to hurt a little after I have run about 2kms.  So I stopped running, and do eliptical, swimming, spin class and core body work out to maintain my fitness level.  Every Sunday I go out to our high school track, which is very soft, (rubber) and try out my foot, same story, after 3 or 5 laps, my foot has this dull ache.  I read everything about stress fractures and think I have one.  I went to my doctor (used to be a runner) and he said xray, but not likely to see it, there is another process where they give you a shot of some die like stuff that will show up on a special scan to see if there is a stress fracture.  Problem is this test is not done in my town.  So my plan is to once a week see if I can run.  My question is, has anyone else experienced a mild stress fracture in the foot and what did they do about it.  My doc said don't run for 6 weeks.  I can do that, but will spin class and eliptical also have to be cut out of my exercise or is it ok to to do those things?  Thanks.  It is driving me crazy not running and I am getting out of shape.

Posted:  01 Dec 2008 22:24   Last Edited By: robert
If it is a stress fracture, I think you need a month at least of no running at all. Spinning and eliptical should be okay though - there is no pounding there.

I have a metatarsal problem sometimes myself, and it is not a stress fracture. I use something like these -
and it fixes the problem for me after a few weeks of usage.
Posted:  04 Dec 2008 22:00
Hmmm, you may have something there Robert, thanks for the tip.  I may actually have that, I have been wondering why my foot is not sore most of the time, I would think if it was a stress fracture I would feel some pain at my fitness class were we jump up and down on bosu balls etc.  It only hurts after a short period of running and never after walking,  I still have not gone for an x-ray but will this week.  I think I will bit the bullet and give it a rest for 4 more weeks.  In the mean time I will look and purchase these metatarsal supports.  Your link it a place in the UK, do you know of a place in BC or Alberta?  Thanks for the advice Robert.
Posted:  05 Dec 2008 18:58
Not sure where you can get this around here. I have an old thing from Sweden I use. Maybe this?

http://www.medicalsuppliescanada.ca/index.cfm ...