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Posted:  14 Sep 2005 19:23
I went to run the first XC Wednesday night race today. Quite a hilly course again but it was a good run. I didn't run all out as I just use it more as a fast pace training run to prepare for the 10K Mizuno race that I want to PB. So I finished the race which apparently was 5.2 km in 27:12 min.

Robert, did you run the race as well?
Posted:  15 Sep 2005 07:21
Hi Susanne, no I didn't go this time. I'll try to make it to some of these races though. They are great little races! Well done there.
Posted:  15 Sep 2005 21:27   Last Edited By: Susanne
My foot started to hurt after yesterday's race, these hills are very hard on my legs/feet I think. I haven't had this foot problem in months and now it seems to start up again. I have been doing some faster runs lately as I want to beat the 53 minutes in the 10K on Oct. 1. But yes these are great but also challenging courses.

I plan to run next week's race as well and then maybe one or two more in October.
Posted:  19 Sep 2005 20:31
Robert, did you run the XC race before that starts from Emily Murphy park? They meet under the bridge at Emily Murphy park.

I am wondering if that course will be very hilly again (steep hills) because I think if that's the case, I will not run this Wednesday's XC race. My foot is still not 1oo% (well it is doing easy runs) but I can't take chances right now or I won't be able to run my best on Oct. 1. So I was thinking since it seems these hills aggrevate my foot, I rather do a fast run on a flat course on Wedn. night.
Posted:  20 Sep 2005 19:50
No, I didn't do that one. I think most of the Wed. night races have some steep hills, as I recall. You can always phone the Tech Shop and ask them there.
Posted:  21 Sep 2005 06:31
As a matter of fact, I contacted them and found out about the course. I won't be running tonight's XC race. Thanks.