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Posted:  29 Sep 2005 18:36
I will be racing this Saturday, the Mizuno 10K in Edmonton. We got really nice coolmax shirts
They forecast rain for Saturday, if so this will be the first time I race in rain.
Posted:  29 Sep 2005 20:02
I'll be doing this 10k too! Rain is not too bad, as long as it's not windy. I am really looking forward to this one. Then it's just a week until Portland Marathon!
Posted:  30 Sep 2005 05:45
Good luck to you tomorrow!
Posted:  01 Oct 2005 09:30
It was a good race and it was nice to meet you Robert!
Good luck next week and have fun.
Posted:  01 Oct 2005 17:04
Thanks, it was great day, in spite of the rain. I ended up 3rd overall. The guy who won had a PB of 1:02 on  the half marathon! Nice to meet you too, Susanne!
Posted:  01 Oct 2005 21:00
Wow what a time for a 1/2 marathon. Do you know how fast the fastest woman was?
Posted:  02 Oct 2005 09:05
I think 39 something.
Posted:  02 Oct 2005 10:10   Last Edited By: Susanne
lol, 39 minutes? I wasn't asking for her age. How long did she need to finish the 1/2.
Posted:  02 Oct 2005 17:19
I thought you meant the 10k race. The Romanian ran the half in 1:09:17.
Posted:  02 Oct 2005 17:21
Oh I see
Amazing times.