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Posted:  03 Jun 2006 08:09
I thought I'd mention that I am indeed injured,  in case anyone is wondering. I developed achilles tendonitis in March. It is getting better, and hopefully I can start running soon.
Posted:  05 Jun 2006 03:17
I'm sorry to hear you are injured,i enjoy your training logs around race day it motivates me.With your dedication to running i'm sure you will come back strong!
Posted:  09 Jun 2006 08:12
I hope you are right EDO, it's no fun being injured. This is my first ever achilles injury/problem.
Posted:  12 Jun 2006 17:00
Try arch/ankle compression with wraps and sports tape. Stretch.

what does it look like? swollen?
Posted:  13 Jun 2006 06:59
It has been swollen for a couple of months, but it's getting better, albeit slowly.
Posted:  26 May 2008 20:27
I have tenderness in my heel.  At times it hurts when I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom unless I walk on my toes.  If I wear shoes it removes a lot of the problem.  When I have been running it is not as pronounced.  I picked up a new pair of shoes fitted properly today.  The shoe store staff mentioned that this should go away in time.  Is this similar to what you are experiencing?  I had this condition for quite a while prior to picking running back up.  I attributed it to cheap Wal-Mart work boots.  I bought a new pair of Red Wings and the pain in walking improved a bit.
Posted:  09 Jul 2008 12:37
Brobers, no my pain was higher up in the tendon.