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Posted:  21 Sep 2006 07:07
For you experienced runners, I'd like to explain my situation. I am an over pronator and am currently wearing Brooks Beast shoes. I don't think they are helping because I am experiencing bad knee pain in both knees, especially my right knee. I have only ran a total of 7 times since September 7th (all outside), and I run about 1.5 miles @ 30 minutes. I know I have no arches in my feet and my right foot is slightly pigeoned toed when I run, but I thought I'd still be able to run with the right shoes. Maybe I just need to get better shoes? I feel like such a failure. I love the wind in my hair and being outside so early in the morning. I want to make running a daily habit, but not with this pain. I am trying to schedule an appointment with my dr., but in the meantime, does anybody have any ideas? I'm bummed...
Posted:  21 Sep 2006 11:43
It might be the wrong shoes. See the doctor, and maybe also see a sport injury specialist, as they are usually better in diagnosing.

You are no failure! You are doing an great job getting into running, be proud of it!

I am sure with the right shoes and some patience you can be injury free.

All the best,
Posted:  21 Sep 2006 12:20
Thanks for the response and the encouraging words. I called my Primary Care Physician this morning and she told me, "Quit running. Why in the world would you continue an activity that causes pain?" Obviously, she is not a runner. What's your opinion about seeing an orthopedic specialist? Will they be able to diagnose?
Posted:  22 Sep 2006 08:11
My advice is to see several different kinds of experts and make your own decision after that. For example, if you see 4 people and 3 of them say it's a shoe problem , well then you are onto something. Never trust just one doctor or expert - they can be wrong!

I was advised to quit running too. Look at me now - I run 4-6 days a week (50-70 kilometers) no problem.
Posted:  22 Sep 2006 10:06
That is awesome for you and so encouraging for me! I'm in pretty good shape already-I use an elliptical trainer 4-5 times a week and lift, but I've always wanted to run. I see these extremely fit people running in downpours and snow and they run these races and marathons and I so want to be hardcore like that. They make it look so easy and here I am hobbling around my office after running 1.5 miles. So I am just not willing to accept that I can't run. I will get a couple different opinions and see where that leads me. I'll keep you posted.