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Posted:  04 Mar 2007 08:05
hey everyone.

I was just wondering what people are working towards this year. what are some of your running goals for 2007. I would like to train to run a 10km race this year with the thoughts of looking at a 1/2 marathon next year. maybe... will have to see how things go.

look forward to hearing from you.

Posted:  04 Mar 2007 18:40
I want to run a marathon this year. Maybe Chicago, maybe Calgary.

I plan for this to be my best running year since I got injured in 2000.
Posted:  24 Mar 2007 10:18
I'm planning to run the Great Manchester Run(UK)  10K this May and the Blackpool half marathon about two weeks later. Both firsts for me after starting last year with the Manchester Sports Relief mile fun run.
Posted:  27 Mar 2007 10:19
good luck to both of you.