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Posted:  21 May 2007 06:30
Anyone here running the Canadian Death Race in 2007?

I am on a team now, and I am looking forward to it very much. I am running the longest leg, the fourth one - 38 kilometres. Should be interesting! The description of this leg on the official website is "total elevation change is well over 6500ft, which practically comes all at once."

See more about this fantastic race at http://www.canadiandeathrace.com/
Posted:  16 Jul 2007 10:46
i had just sent you a message about the death racethen i noticed this. i am running leg two with a team. Mustang is our team name.ihave never met any onei amrunning with but am excited to run. i grew upin grande cahe and have been on most of the trails although usually on horse or biking. the leg you are runningislong but i donot remember it being extremely steepbut it is a grind. good luck less than three weeks till the race.
Posted:  09 Aug 2007 20:13
Well, I am still sore, although it's getting better. Leg 4 was a killer! I had a lot of fun on it; it was a fantastic feeling to reach the summit.

I had trouble with all that downhill running though. It's not my thing, and I lost a lot of time compared to other runners.

Our team placed 2nd in the end, 2 min behind the winners. We were in the lead most of the race but they had a fantastic runner on leg 5.

Maybe we will be back next year - would be fun to win!