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Posted:  09 Jun 2007 07:41
First off, I'd like to say "thank you" to Robert. You're doing a great service. The Running Log is wonderful.

O. K. A brief history first: I've been running since 1994. I took 2 years off, because of circumstance. Last Spring I started running again.I started at 30 minutes and increased running time by 10% each week. When I got to 40 minutes, my running was so strong, that instead of  finishing the week at 40 minutes per run; I decided to run for 45 minutes the very next run.. It was another very strong run. The next run was 50 minutes. I kept adding 5 minutes to each run until I was running for 65 minutes {without any problems).

I decided to run to the end of this island that I live on and back. At 87 minutes I was almost home, when my knee started to really hurt. I took 2 months off and the rest of that year was sporadic running.

I started again this Spring after ALOT of cross training and specific knee exercises.

I started at 33 minutes and added a minute to every run. My next run will be 59 minutes. When I hit 60, I'd like to break up the runs into LONG-INTERVALS-TEMPO-REPEATS.

I ice the knee after every run and stretch religiously.

So, I'd like advice on how to approach the new schedule.

Peace and love.

Posted:  16 Jun 2007 15:45
Right training will keep you injury-free. You have to pace yourself for the long term. If you blast every run, pains will inevitably come.
If your comfortable at 60min runs, (I hope you gave yourself a 1-3 months to get to this level), maybe you can try shorter tempo repeats first. How about a 30min run sepatated into 10min tempo repeats at a comfortably hard pace. And the next day, take an easy long run of 30-45. Then get back to your 60 the next day.
Posted:  19 Jun 2007 09:58

It took me 27 runs to get to an hour. The body adapts beautifully if you just add a minute to every run. My next run will be 64 minutes. I've recently added some wind sprints to the last mile of the run and there's always some very audible breathing (tempo pace) in various areas of the forest that I'm currently running in.

There's a loop that I could do in about 40-45 minutes, which would include a 20 minute middle of tempo running in the forest, where the mosquitos keep you honest.

Thank you for replying. I'll consider your suggestions.
Posted:  26 Jun 2007 07:32
Dean, I suggest you begin by determining how much you want to run per week. Then give yourself lots of time to build up to this goal (could be a few months). Then start working in shorter intervals (30 seconds to 2 minute intervals). You can then gradually start doing longer intervals once or twice a week (1000 meters or mile repeats) which would be slower than the sprints but faster than the easy runs.

Your windsprints at the end of a run is a good thing.

Remember you can't keep increasing mileage forever - that's why a mileage goal is recommended.

Next thing to remember - don't increase weekly distance more than 15 kilometers within 3 weeks, otherwise the risk of injury is too great.
Posted:  05 Sep 2007 07:13
Thank you, Robert. Here we are a little while later and I'm running around 25 miles a week. I do one supramaximal interval workout, one maximal interval workout; that each equal 6 total miles with warm-up, recovery jogging and the cooldown and a long run. The last long run was 12 miles and the next is 14 miles (two weeks between). I just run for fitness and the joy of running and as yet, I'm not sure about a mileage goal.