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Posted:  07 Sep 2007 12:53
Hi I am very new and inexperienced runner.  have not done any exercise for many years, am a smoker and have been running for just 3 weeks (at a very slow pace).  Have just completed first 5k race in 31.50, which I was very pleased with...you would think I had just ran a marathon!!  Am looking for any tips and advice.  My goals are to give up smoking get fitter and to complete 10k then maybe a half marathon eventually!!!  I work in pharmacy am married and have two children.  Please go easy on me.
Posted:  13 Sep 2007 19:42   Last Edited By: robert
That's great, nikij!

First bit of advice - quit smoking!! Try this

Besides that, try one of the programs I have on this site, and take your time and work up to running a 10k.

Hope you enjoyed that 5k - well done!
Posted:  05 Oct 2007 15:48
Wow!! Good for you!! I have been running off and on for several years and my best time is nowhere near as good...however I am quite short and stocky so I have that going against me.