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Posted:  02 Jun 2005 07:22
In case you want to get a book that teaches you all you need to know about training and racing successfully, Daniel's Running Formula is the book to get. It is the best I have ever seen. It's now out in a 2nd edition - see http://www.humankinetics.com/products/showpro ...
Posted:  14 Aug 2005 19:06
Would you suggest to buy the first or second edition?

Here is a question? Is there such a think as junk miles? I have read lots of different opinions on this, I know this book talks about junk miles (the first edition, I believe) but then I read somewhere else that there is no such thing as junk miles.
Posted:  17 Aug 2005 14:09
Buy the 2nd edition, unless the 1st is way cheaper. I have the first, and I love it.

Junk miles? Well, it depends on what a person means by it, but Jack talks about running at the wrong paces, thereby not training effectively. I think that what he means by junk miles. I agree with that idea. It's better to do fewer miles, but instead make each mile count.
Posted:  05 Sep 2006 17:20
I have John Stanton's (of the Running Room)book entitled Running. I really like it and it has running programs in the back for running 10kms, half marathons or full marathons. The programs even take into account how fast you was to complete the runs.
Posted:  06 May 2008 21:31
I have been starting the year with road cycling first as the snow melts, then want to work more running back in.  In recent years, nagging injuries (mostly IT band stuff) keeps happening.  I was thinking of Jeff Galloway's "Running without injury" book.  Do you have any thoughts Robert?, or anyone else? 

I have run a few times over the winter and some more this spring, but the focus has been on the bike so far.
Posted:  07 May 2008 07:15
Haven't read that book you mention, but I imagine in could be a good one. For a serious running book, I have not found any book better than Jack Daniels' Running Formula.

You should perhaps go a see a physiotherapist before you start running too much, just to get some advice on how to handle the IT band problems.