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Posted:  18 May 2008 23:19
My name is Brad from Cloverdale, IN.  I found this site while trying to find a better logging solution than David Hays's Excel spreadsheet.

I quit running the fall of 1987.  I started this April after I saw I hit 236 on the scales at work.  I pulled out my shoes 21 years later and started running again.  Just finished my first 5K this past weekend.
Posted:  20 May 2008 15:37
great job brad. keep up the hard work. any other races planned?
Posted:  21 May 2008 09:31
Hi Brad, welcome!

Great to hear you are back into running again! It's never too late.
Posted:  24 May 2008 04:00
I'm thinking about running in the "Outrun The Sun" on the 7th.  I'm just looking at doing the 5k there as well.  I need to get to the Athletic Annex in Indy and get a new pair of shoes that are correct for my feet and my current weight.  I think that will make me feel a lot better during the run.