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Posted:  20 Jun 2008 12:32
Thanks alot Robert, this log has REALLY helped me keep track of my running. I'm going to be a freshman next year and have ran my first year of cross country and track this year. I've found I enjoy it quite a lot and plan on sticking with it through high school. I just turned fourteen and don't have much experience in running and have never been real serious about it until now. So, I'm still pretty much a beginner but hope to improve over the summer and throughout the year. I love the tips I pick up from your site and listening to the stories of others. It really encourages me to get out there and do my best. I too play guitar for about...2 years now? I can't say I'm good because I've been teaching myself but I'm not all that bad either. I taught myself quite a few chords, some scales, and how to read tablature so I think I have a pretty good start. Please, if you have any tips on running OR guitar, tell me- I'd love to know.

Thanks again.
Posted:  25 Jun 2008 16:48
Hi Jag! Welcome to this log!

Check out my main guitar site www.dolphinstreet.com - loads of lessons there.

As for running, just ask!