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Hi, my name is Robert. I built this free running log for people wanting an easy to use running, that gives you instant statistics and reports.

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Robert's Training Log

Showing my 100 most recent runs.

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31 January 2007Adidas BostonEasy Run 36.00 min8.00 kmEasy on the treadmill. Weather outside is cold and windy.
29 January 2007Asics Gel Nimbus VIIEasy Run 48.50 min10.00 kmFelt a bit sluggish. Not very nice and warm out either.
28 January 2007Asics Gel Nimbus VIIEasy Run 71.00 min15.50 kmPretty nice weather, but the wind made it cold. Felt great. 
27 January 2007Asics Gel Nimbus VIIEasy Run 46.00 min10.00 kmThe Asics Nimbus VII are fantastic! Wow. It's like running on clouds.
26 January 2007Adidas BostonEasy Run 36.00 min8.00 kmTreadmill run - very cold and windy outside. Right hip slightly sore, probably from yesterday's run.
24 January 2007Asics Gel Nimbus VIIEasy Run 47.00 min10.00 kmUsual 10k loop - felt good. Zero degrees at 8pm - nice temperature.
21 January 2007Adidas BostonEasy Run 56.50 min12.00 kmFelt great. I have a sore back, must have pulled some muscle a bit. It doesn't affect running though.
20 January 2007Asics 2100Easy Run 55.50 min11.50 kmNice weather, the Camrose ski Loppet was on today and I helped with timing. Felt great to run today.
15 January 2007Asics 2100Easy Run 48.50 min10.00 kmSlippery now when weather is milder.
13 January 2007Asics 2100Easy Run 48.00 min10.00 kmVery windy and cold. With the wind, it was over minus 20 apparently. My face and fingers were icicles.
07 January 2007Asics 2100Easy Run 47.50 min10.00 km My achilles tendon started feeling a little sore lately. I hate this. Hopefully it's not too bad. I felt it during the run today, but it didn't seem to get worse so I am hoping for the best.
31 December 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 46.00 min10.00 kmNice to get a run in on the last day of the year. Felt great.
30 December 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmGood temperature - not too cold - felt alright.
25 December 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmFelt sluggish.
24 December 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 36.00 min8.00 kmOn the treadmill.
23 December 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 46.00 min10.00 kmFelt easier today than yesterday.
22 December 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 47.00 min10.00 kmWarm evening, felt okay but tired towards the end. It's been 3-4 in the plus lately.
16 December 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 46.00 min10.00 kmWindy and therefore cold. Listening to the amazing Eva Cassidy warmed me up though.
10 December 2006Asics 2100Long run 74.00 min16.00 km Good pace, felt real good today!
05 December 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 25.00 min6.00 kmGood tempo on the treadmill.
03 December 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 52.50 min11.00 kmMorning run with Gerhard. Felt pretty good.
01 December 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 43.00 min10.00 kmTreadmill run.
29 November 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 36.00 min8.00 kmThe Dreaded Treadmill again. 
27 November 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 36.00 min8.00 kmOn the treadmill again. My mp3 player makes me able to stay on there for more than 20 minutes.
26 November 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 27.00 min6.00 kmOn the treadmill in the morning.
22 November 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 47.00 min10.00 kmOn the treadmill, felt good.
19 November 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 51.00 min11.00 kmOn the treadmill. Felt pretty strong actually.
19 November 2006Asics 2100Long run 79.50 min17.00 kmFelt really good today. Didn't even feel tired towards the end.
15 November 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 27.00 min6.00 kmTreadmill run at night.
15 November 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 27.00 min6.00 kmAnother treadmill run for this day.
15 November 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 27.00 min6.00 km Treadmill run.
11 November 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 47.00 min10.00 km47 minutes morning run in St. Hyacinthe with Gerhard, Jonathan and Bill Corcoran. 
10 November 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 63.00 min12.50 km33 minutes fartlek after jogging the CCAA course (about 5 km) in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. Around 10 degrees, a bit windy.
05 November 2006Asics 2100Long run 70.00 min14.00 kmSemi-long run, with some Augustana runners and Gerhard. Felt okay, need to run more, that's all!
04 November 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmFelt completely lousy. Haven't run in a week, so no surprise.
28 October 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 60.00 min12.00 km

ACAC championships in Lethbridge. Early morning run with Gerhard 35 min, then 25 min running around cheering. 

Women won gold, men won bronze. Marcia 3rd, Megan 4th, David 3rd. 

24 October 2006Asics 2100Long Intervals 48.00 min11.00 km

With David on the track.
2000 m Treshold @ 7:10
400 m @ 1:26
3 x 1000 m @ 3:21, 3:17, 3:14
I was surprised I could run this fast. Have not trained enough lately. It is always easier to follow though.

22 October 2006Asics 2100Long run 78.00 min16.50 kmFelt good, ran around the ski valley on the bike path. 
21 October 2006Asics 2100Threshold Intervals 40.00 min9.00 km3 x 1000m threshold pace on the track. 3:34, 3:37, 3:33. Felt way too hard. Had planned on 5, but felt like complete crap today.
18 October 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 55.00 min11.50 kmEasy run, at a pretty good pace. Felt great. Light rain.
15 October 2006Asics 2100Long run 83.00 min17.50 kmLight rain today, ran with Gerhard. I felt quite good today, surprisingly.
14 October 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 45.50 min10.00 km Oh man, I just got over the worst stomach flu I can remember ever having. Our whole family got hit with it. So I went for a 10 k run and I definitely still felt weak. Legs hurt.
08 October 2006Asics 2100Long run 77.00 min16.50 kmCold morning, but it got warm once the sun started to shine. Felt quite good today.
07 October 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 41.00 min9.00 kmStrong cold wind today. Felt tired, but muddled through somehow.
06 October 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmThe usual 10 km loop. 
05 October 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmNice and easy, didn't feel that strong.
03 October 2006Asics 2100Short Intervals 63.00 min13.00 km

10 x 400 m with David. Felt pretty good, right foot a bit sore. Cool weather, 4-5 degrees, not much wind.

Splits: 74, 74, 77, 74, 75, 74, 73, 75, 73, 65 seconds. 3 min/400m jog recovery between each.

Warmup: 11 min Cooldown: 12 min 

01 October 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 61.00 min14.00 km

Felt strong today. Yesterday I felt like a wreck, huge headache and sore throat, watching the Lethbridge race where the women's team placed 1st and the men 2nd. I think I just needed a lot of sleep, which I got this weekend.

Today I used my HR monitor after setting the Hi and Lo numbers. The watch then told me I spent 35 minutes above my Hi (151) and only 25 within my range.  I'll change it to 155, which is 80% of my Max HR.

30 September 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 20.00 min3.00 kmRunning around the Lethbridge course cheering for the team. Huge headache today and feeling like complete crap. Good thing I didn't enter the race - it would have been a disaster.
27 September 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 50.00 min11.50 kmGood pace, felt quite strong today. Foot is better, but I feel like a cold or bug is in my system.
25 September 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 43.00 min10.00 kmI got a foot infection on Friday. I am eating anti-biotics. The toes swelled up and turned red and poofy.
19 September 2006Asics 2100Long Intervals 60.00 min14.00 kmTrack workout: 2000 m at 7:31 + 6 x 1000 m (3:21, 3:20, 3:20, 3:20, 3:19, 3:14) with 1:20 jog recovery. Ran with David, very good workout for me. My fastest one this year. Had a sore throat though, and didn't feel great before the run but running went great.
18 September 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 33.00 min7.00 kmNice and easy, did not feel great.
17 September 2006Asics 2100Long run 80.00 min18.00 kmLegs a bit tired. Cold and windy weather. 
16 September 2006Asics 2100Long Intervals 75.00 min17.00 km 4 x 1000m on the track. 3:27, 3:25, 3:22, 3:23 (1 min rest). Felt a bit sluggish. Was at Goldstick park watching the AUC teams have a good start of the season. Ran another 2 km at Goldstick park, taking pictures and cheering. Warmup: 40 min, cooldown: 14 min.
12 September 2006Brooks RacersRace 40.00 min10.00 km 3000 meter track time trial/race with the Augustana runners. Great weather, great fun! I ran behind David until 600 m to go. Then I could follow but I still finished strong in 9:55 with a last kilometer at 3:15. Not bad for my current fitness level! I had expected 10:15 - 10:20, so this was a positive indication.David and I ran 6 x 200 afterwards, between 33 and 30 seconds - 33, 33, 31, 31, 30, 304 min warmup.
10 September 2006Asics 2100Long run 95.00 min21.00 kmMy achilles slightly tender, but it didn't get worse from this run. It seems I must stay on flat surface for it to stay under control. A nice run in warm September weather.
09 September 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 43.00 min10.00 kmUsual 10km city loop. Felt light-footed and quick today.
07 September 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 50.00 min10.50 kmEasy run with Gerhard and Ian. I feel a bit of stiffness in the achilles. The old ghost is still hanging around... very annoying that it's so hard to get rid of this injury.
05 September 2006Asics 2100Long Intervals 60.00 min14.00 km

3 x 2000 m Threshold on the track. Splits:
8.18, 8:15,  8:13 (2 min jog in between)
I ran in lane 4 so it should have been about 3:55 per km and 30 meters longer per 2 km.
Warmup: 15 min, Cooldown: 16 min

04 September 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 26.00 min6.00 kmGood pace, late at night. Felt really good!
03 September 2006Asics 2100Long run 103.00 min21.00 kmLong run in Jasper with Derryl. Fantastic weather! Great run, felt good all the way.
01 September 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 40.50 min8.50 kmEasy pace around Camrose. I felt tired today.
31 August 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 31.00 min7.00 kmLate night run, cold and dark.
29 August 2006Asics 2100Long Intervals 53.50 min13.00 km

4 x 1200 m on the track. 4:19, 4:12, 4;07, 4:00 (400 m jog in between) - felt great! Other people there were Gerhard, Ian, Megan, Craig.

Warmup: 8:30, Cooldown: 20 min.


28 August 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 30.00 min6.50 kmWarm evening, very nice run.
27 August 2006Asics 2100Long run 77.00 min16.50 kmVery nice and warm today, great run. Felt strong and nothing hurt today!
26 August 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 54.00 min11.50 kmEasy pace, nice weather. Felt good.
25 August 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 26.00 min6.00 kmEarly 6:30 am run. Felt a bit hard to run so early. Cold too.
24 August 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 37.00 min8.00 kmDirt road loop, felt pretty good today,.
23 August 2006Asics 2100Easy Run 48.50 min11.00 kmEasy run with Gerhard. New shoes, they feel great. Injuries under control for now.
20 August 2006Asics 1110Long run 103.00 min21.00 kmLong run with Karen and Derryl on a trail from Crimson Lake, past Twin Lakes, to the highway and back. A few rolling hills. Fantastically beautiful! Very inspiring run on this trail. I got very tired at the end, but loved it.
19 August 2006Asics 1110Race 44.00 min11.00 km David Thompson Trail Run - 10 km race around Crimson Lake. Last year I won, this year I was 4th, nearly 3 minutes slower than previous year. Gerhard gave me a tough time! My time was 38:52.
17 August 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 38.50 min8.50 km Easy run in Pigeon Lake while Jim Ofrim biked with me (he had a sore calf). Felt kinda sluggish. Had fun trying to waterski for the first time!
15 August 2006Asics 1110Threshold Intervals 33.00 min8.40 km8400 meter threshold run on the track with Megan. I averaged 3:55. Felt okay, I guess, but my left knee is complaining. Feels like a tendon or ligament issue.
14 August 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 32.00 min7.00 kmEasy run with Gerhard.
13 August 2006Asics 1110Long run 72.00 min16.00 kmFelt really strong today. My form is definitely improving. Nice, warm weather.
12 August 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 50.00 min11.00 km

5 x 1000 m on the track. Pushed Gerhard a bit...
3:37, 3:34, 3:35, 3:34, 3:29

Warmup: 13 min, CD: 13 min

07 August 2006Asics 1110Long run 68.00 min15.00 kmFelt really good today. Ran at what felt as good speed. Achilles condition the same - 90% good. It feels a little stiff, but no real pain. 
05 August 2006Asics 1110Long Intervals 47.00 min11.50 km 5 x 1000 m on the track. Got myself confused on the 3rd one and only ran 600 meters!Splits: 3:40, 3:38, 2:07, 3:32, 3:31. Jog recovery 200 meters - 1 minute.Warmup: 13 min, Cooldown: 14 min. 
03 August 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 45.50 min10.00 kmEasy run with Gerhard.
01 August 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 53.00 min12.50 km

15 min Threshold on the track. We were a group of 8 people on the track today! Heel/achilles felt okay, still about 90% good.

10 min warmup, 30 min cooldown. 

30 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 63.00 min13.50 kmGood run with Gerhard. A little cooler today, great weather for running.
29 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 43.00 min10.00 kmThe Camrose 10k loop, felt pretty good today. The heel is 90% good.
26 July 2006Asics 1110Short Intervals 61.00 min15.00 km

8 x 400 m on the track (400 m jog recover/2:20)

82, 84, 84, 84, 80, 79, 80, 80

12 min warmup, 23 min cooldown.

23 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 36.50 min8.00 kmDirt road loop, felt much stronger today.
22 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 39.00 min8.00 kmDirt road loop, very easy pace today.
21 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 54.50 min11.50 kmEasy around Camrose, felt a little bit in the heel still, and my left knee is bothering me a little too.
19 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 37.50 min9.00 km 3 x 1000 m on the track. 3:37, 3:41, 3:40 (1 min jog recovery)Left knee is complaining when I run faster. Warmup: 12 min, Cooldown: 12 min
16 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 30.00 min6.50 km Around Mirror Lake. Today, I felt a similar heel problem in my left heel. Good lord, hope it doesn't start there now.
14 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 38.50 min8.50 kmAround Mirror Lake. Right heel okay but not 100 percent.
10 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 30.00 min6.50 kmEasy run with Gerhard. Felt really tired today.
09 July 2006Asics 1110Long run 63.00 min13.00 kmNot really a "long run", but at my current fitness level, it really is. I felt good, but my heel was still showing some signs of discomfort.
08 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 39.00 min8.00 kmDirt road loop, slow and easy. Still my HR went up to 150.
06 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 27.00 min6.00 kmMirror Lake, felt like I was working quite hard.
05 July 2006Asics 1110Long Intervals 52.00 min12.00 km

5 x 1000 meters on the track. 

 3:49, 3:47, 3:41, 3:48, 3:47 (1.5 - 2 minute rest)

Warmup: 12 min, Cooldown: 13 min

03 July 2006Asics 1110Long Intervals 39.00 min10.00 km

3 x 1000 meters on the track (1 min/200 m jog recovery)

3: 45, 3:36, 3:42.

Warmup: 13 min, Cooldown: 13 min 

Felt good! It was 28 degrees or so, insanely hot and I didn't have any water. Left knee is rebelling - not sure what is going on. 

01 July 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 37.00 min8.00 kmDirt road loop. Felt quite good, no real pains today!
30 June 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 23.50 min5.00 kmHeel felt really good. Now, the left knee is hurting when I bend it. Bummer. Hope it something minor.
29 June 2006Asics 1110Easy Run 44.50 min10.00 km Usual 10km loop. Felt okay, but the heel isn't super good - it's about 90%. A lot better than it's been, so I have to be careful.
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