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Hi, my name is Robert. I built this free running log for people wanting an easy to use running, that gives you instant statistics and reports.

The running log was built as a personal training tool, just for my friends an myself, but I was asked to make it available to the public, so I did. Hope you find it useful!

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Robert's Training Log

Showing my 100 most recent runs.

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07 September 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 43.00 min10.00 kmFelt a little tired, but still quick legs. I'm in the best shape of the year right now.
06 September 2005Adidas Boston ClassicLong Intervals 61.00 min15.00 km6 x 1000 m on the track (1:30 rest/200m jog) 3:18, 3:17, 3:16, 3:17, 3:15, 3:15. (3:16 average) Oh my, ol' Rob is getting faster! Great workout! Didn't use my HR this time. Warmup: 9 min Cooldown: 26
04 September 2005Adidas Boston ClassicMarathon Pace 112.00 min27.00 km21 km on the track: 1:23:27. 5 km splits: 19:51, 19:56, 19:53, 19:52, 3:55 last km. Definitely not easy. I could feel the workout from 2 days ago in my legs. Perfect conditions, random rain and very slight wind. Warmup: 14 min CD: 14 min
03 September 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 51.00 min11.00 kmSlow pace, legs felt tired today.
02 September 2005Adidas Boston ClassicLong Intervals 65.00 min14.00 km6 x 1000 m (2 min rest) on the track. Great workout! Splits: 3:20, 3:18, 3:18, 3:18, 3:19, 3:18. (3:18'5 average) Felt good the whole way, and was really fresh on the last one, not pushing it too much. HR never above 182. Warmup: 23 min Cooldown: 15 min
31 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmRan a bit on the track, legs tired from yesterday.
30 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicThreshold Intervals 70.00 min17.00 km4 x 2000 m (2 min rest) Splits: 7:18, 7:27, 7:19, 7:18. Have had a break due to stomach flu or something. Was knocked over the weekend and felt really weak after that too. Today I felt like I had no rhythm whatsoever - everything was hard and awkward. Warmup: 22 min Cooldown: 13 min
25 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 31.50 min7.00 kmTired still. Nice weather though.
25 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 26.00 min6.00 kmTired.
24 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 73.00 min16.00 kmLate evening with Gerhard, a bit of rain but quite nice anyway. My right foot seems to have a little plantar fascitiis problem.
23 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 58.00 min13.00 km2 x 1000m on the track. Bad gut again, had to quit after 2 intervals. 3:24 3:25.
21 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicLong run 119.00 min26.00 kmLate evening in Crimson Lake. It was a really hot day, but at evening it was beautiful. I ran a lap around the race course from yesterday, and my right knee said it didn't approve. The knee complained less on the road.
20 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicRace 60.00 min15.00 kmDavid Thompson Trail Run - 10 km. Interesting race. Ran with a group of 3 until 22 min, when I knew I had to try to chase down the leader, a young high school runner. I started seeing him almost right away, but had trouble catching him. He was strong on the hills, while I was stronger on the flats. Eventually, with maybe 1-2 minutes left to run, I caught up with him after the last hill and I poured on all I had. Turned out he couldn't respond and I ended up with the win. Fun one! Time: 36:10 Place: 1st Warmup: 18 min Cooldown: 6 min
18 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 55.00 min12.00 kmRainy evening, ran with Gerhard. Cold and wet! Feeling slow right now.
17 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 52.00 min11.00 kmIt felt really cold this evening. Had short sleeved shirt and my arms went numb. Plus 6 I think, but with a cold wind.
16 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicLong Intervals 38.00 min9.00 km5 x 1000 m on the track 3:26, 3:26, 3:25, 3:22, 3:21 (400m jog recovery) Had to go to the bathroom badly, otherwise I'd done 6 of them. Warmup: 12 min Cooldown: none
15 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 47.00 min10.00 kmEasy 10 km, felt a little tired.
14 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicLong run 139.00 min30.00 kmA good run, felt strong until 2 hours. First 1:15 was on gravel roads, and then my achilles started hurting. The rest I ran on the road, and suprisingly enough the pain started going away. Still sore in the evening, but hopefully it's not too serious.
13 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 50.00 min12.00 km10 km loop - new PR: 40:32 (this was really Marathon Pace) + 2 km with Bamse. Felt good.
12 August 2005Asics 1100Race 63.00 min15.00 km2 x Mirror Lake (4.3 km) Time: 14:44 (7:28, 7:16). Warmup: 20 min Cooldown: 28 min
11 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 66.00 min15.00 kmRan at 4pm with Gerhard. Cold weather now. Felt fine.
10 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 56.00 min12.00 kmLate at night, felt very good!
09 August 2005Asics 1100Easy Run 66.00 min15.00 km4 x 2000 m on the track with Janelle and Derryl. Splits: 7:21, 7:20, 7:22, 7:15 (2 min rest). Felt great, even going against the wind. Warmup: 9:30 Cooldown: 20:30
07 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicLong run 120.00 min25.00 kmGreat long run! Ran part of it on ski trails, up and down. Felt great most of the way, just a little bit tired at the end. I need more of this long ones.
06 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 25.00 min6.00 kmSecond run of the day, just easy in the afternoon. It was hot, plus 25. My wife's sister fell off our deck and sprained her ankle really bad.
06 August 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 52.50 min12.00 kmEasy run in hot sun (26 degrees).
05 August 2005Asics 1100Long Intervals 44.00 min10.00 km5 x 1000 m (1 min rest) by myself. Hot day - 26 degrees. 3:24, 3:22, 3:22, 3:21, 3:21. Warmup: 11 min Cooldown: 11 min
02 August 2005Asics 1100Long Intervals 70.00 min16.00 km5 x 1000 m with Janelle at her pace - 4:01, 3:59, 3:54, 3:56, 3:51 (2 min/200 m jog recovery). Warmup: 19 min Cooldown: 22 min
31 July 2005Asics 1100Race 100.00 min24.00 kmWorld Masters Games - half marathon. Tough day. I ran a bit optimistic and payed for it. Ran with the lead group until about 8 km. Passed 10 km in 36:10 and started hit the wall at about 15-16 km. Last 3 km was at jogging pace. Ended up 4th in my age category with the time of 1:20:29. Dennis won again. Splits: 3:42, 3:34, 3:41, 3:35, 3:32, 3:32, 3:34, 3:35, 3:37, 3:45, 3:48, 3:37, 3:54, 3:51, 3:52, 4:00, 4:14, 4:04, 4:19, 4:02, 4:34.
30 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 39.00 min8.30 km8.3 km dirt road loop. 38:46, felt relaxed.
29 July 2005Asics 1100Race 27.00 min7.00 kmWorld Masters Games - 5000 m on Foote Field. Ran behind Dennis Colburn for almost 2000 m. Stephen R caught up with me at about 3400m. I pushed the last 200 (32 s) and got the time of 17:09. Very hot afternoon. 2nd place. Dennis won in 16:40. Warmup: 2 km
27 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 41.00 min9.00 kmEasy run, nice warm evening. Feeling pretty strong.
26 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 46.00 min10.00 km10km loop, felt tired at the end because I ran quite late - after 10pm.
24 July 2005Asics 1100Race 67.00 min17.00 kmWorld Masters Games 10 km road race - 18th place. I missed the start with 30-40 seconds. Finished in around 35:35 on my clock but I got the offical time of 36:10. Dennis won. Gerhard good race in 37:45. Warmup: 20 min Cooldown: 15 min
23 July 2005Asics 1100Easy Run 26.00 min6.00 kmEasy jogging the day before my World Masters 10km road race! I'm excited!
22 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 47.50 min10.00 kmEasy run with Gerhard, 2 laps around Mirror Lake. Felt okay, not great.
20 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 49.00 min11.00 kmCapilano - Dawson loop with Gerhard. Legs a little tired but no problems at all. Great run along the river!
19 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicShort Intervals 76.00 min17.00 km5 x (200 + 400) on the track. 200m jog after the 200, 400m jog after the 400. 35, 72, 33, 72, 33, 69, 33, 67, 31, 66 seconds. Great workout! The best of the year by far. Warmup: 22 min Cooldown: 30 min
17 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicLong run 72.00 min15.00 kmEasy semi-long run with Gerhard. Felt good.
16 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmFelt quite good, ran late at night but no soreness in the legs from yesterday.
15 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicLong Intervals 60.00 min15.00 km6 x 1000m on the track 3:30, 3:28, 3:26, 3:26, 3:24, 3:19. Recovery - 2 min jog/400 m. HR 192 at the end - didn't know I could go this high. Great workout! 12 min warmup. 20 min cooldown.
14 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 42.50 min10.00 kmFelt fast! Ran the usual 10 km loop.
12 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicThreshold Intervals 60.00 min14.00 km3 x 1720 m on the track. 6:29, 6:46, 6:44. Rest 2-3 min. Very hot. Ran with Janelle and Gerhard - I ran in the 4th lane while Janelle did 1600s - that way we ran together. Warmup: 19 min Cooldown: 16:30
10 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicLong run 100.00 min22.00 kmNice evening, ran at 8pm. Felt really good, and picked up the pace the last 2 km.
09 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicMixed 37.00 min8.00 kmWarmup: 15 min 2000 m 7:04. Was going to run 5000m, but my legs didn't feel that great so I decided to cut it short. Cooldown: 15 min.
08 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 37.50 min8.50 kmDirt road loop - thought I ran fast but was wrong!
07 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 35.00 min8.00 kmLunch run with Gerhard.
06 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicThreshold Intervals 55.00 min13.00 km5 x 1000m on the track. 3:45, 3:44, 3:43, 3:42, 3:42 (1 min jog recovery) Warmup: 19 min Cooldown: 14 min
05 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmTrack Day with Denise and Amalia! This was Amalia's first day on the track. She was mostly interested in running after her mother. I was coaching. Ran easy to and from the track.
04 July 2005Asics 1100Short Intervals 42.50 min10.00 kmWarmup: 24 min 4 x 400m - 71, 70, 69, 69 with 2 min rest in between. 11 min jog home.
03 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicMixed 83.00 min17.00 kmDistance run 57 minutes 3 x 1000m on the track - 3:38, 3:38, 3:33 with 1 min rest. Jog home 13.5 min
01 July 2005Adidas Boston ClassicEasy Run 46.50 min10.00 km10 km loop easy. Felt quite tired. Love the new Adidas shoes.
30 June 2005Asics 1100Easy Run 31.00 min7.00 km2nd run today. Felt good still. I just bought these new Asics 1100 and the Adidas Boston Classic - love them both! I feel like I'm way faster right away!
30 June 2005Asics 1100Easy Run 20.50 min5.00 kmQuick run at lunch. Felt great.
27 June 2005Adidas Boston ClassicMixed 48.00 min12.00 km3000 m on the track @ 11:12 3 x 1000m @ 3:26, 3:27, 3:22. WU: 12 min CD: 14 min First run in my new Boston Classic. I love them! I should have gotten new shoes a long time ago! I feel like a new man.
25 June 2005Adidas ConjeraRace 95.00 min21.00 kmKananaskis 100 mile relay with the Wetaskiwin Wingnuts. Leg 5, 17.4 km. Time: 1:20:46 Extreme! Went out too hard and hit the wall at 14 km. 15th place. WU: 15 min
22 June 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 47.00 min11.00 km3000 m on the track @ threshold pace - 11:41 + 1000 m @ 3:39 + 3 x 200 m @ 37, 32, and 36 seconds. Felt really tired. Bad workout. WU:13 min CD: 15 min
21 June 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 18.50 min4.50 kmShort run before going to Batman Begins. It was a great movie!
20 June 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 67.00 min14.00 kmSemi-long run, longer dirt road loop. Felt pretty good, nice weather and sunny even though it was later in the evening. Came home after 9pm.
19 June 2005Adidas ConjeraRace 57.00 min14.00 kmShortcut through the park - 10 km. Time: 37:24. Almost identical splits. A bit slow time, but this course is tougher than it seems with lots of turns and about 5km is on soft trail. Gerhard 2nd, Derryl 3rd and Karen 4th.
18 June 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 42.00 min10.00 km10km loop in the rain, felt very good.
16 June 2005Adidas ConjeraLong Intervals 52.00 min12.00 km5 x 1000m on the tract , 3.32, 3.30, 3.29, 3.23, 3.20 + 23 min jog
14 June 2005Adidas ConjeraTempo run 28.00 min7.00 kmNew PR on the short loop! 15:47. Felt really good - legs a little sore but strong. Great weather, warm and no wind.
13 June 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 55.00 min11.50 kmEasy run with Gerhard. Started out with sore right foot (plantar problem) but it got better.
12 June 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 70.00 min14.00 kmEasy run with Gerhard. Felt tired.
11 June 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 54.50 min12.50 kmOh man, I got a viral infection and have been coughing through the nights for the last 10 days. Finally got out this morning, and it felt hard. My HR was 10 more than last time I ran (around 160 today), hope that's not a bad sign. I really didn't need to get sick at this time. I've been missing out on some really important training.
01 June 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 45.00 min10.00 km10 km loop, with our new HR monitor. It'a Timex 1440, works well. I had aroudn 145-149 most of the whole way.
31 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 51.50 min11.00 kmRan with Gerhard, felt like we were going fast.
29 May 2005Adidas ConjeraRace 80.00 min20.00 kmWetaskiwin - Camrose Relay. Our team places 1st. I ran the last 2 legs, 9.4 km - 34:05 and 9.7 km - 38:12. I don't think those distances are that accurate. I ran a very even pace the whole way. Strong side wind. Fun event!
28 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 20.00 min4.50 kmEasy run at night.
27 May 2005Adidas ConjeraShort Intervals 58.00 min12.00 km8 x hills (around 40-60s) with Gerhard. Nice weather and good workout. Easy jogging the rest.
26 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 42.50 min10.00 kmRegular 10 km loop. Felt pretty good. Nice warm evening at 10pm.
25 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 42.50 min10.00 kmEasy run - windy weather.
22 May 2005Adidas ConjeraRace 160.00 min25.00 kmRed Deer Half-marathon. Time: 1:23:32. Place: 4th overall; 1st in my age category (30-39). Slow time, but I gave it all I had. Interesting race, hard at the end. I kept a fairly even pace all the way. Splits: 3:42, 3:56, 4:00, 3:53, 8:04, 3:55, 4:03, 4:12, 3:47, 4:16, 3:48, 7:58, 3:45, 4:02, 3:47, 4:04, 4:01, 3:55, 4:16.
18 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 46.00 min10.00 kmSlow and easy late at night. Felt quite tired.
17 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 37.00 min9.00 km2 x 4.5km short loop. 20:28, 16:40. Felt better than expected. 2nd lap more like threshold run.
16 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 52.00 min10.00 kmEasy pace with Gerhard. Felt very tired.
15 May 2005Adidas ConjeraRace 40.00 min9.00 kmPuffin for a Muffin 8 km - 1st place. Time: 30:36. Unhappy with my time. Course not easy, and the weather was too warm. Great event, well organized and lots of fun. Splits: 3:36, 3:35, 3:50, 3:47, 4:14, 3:39, 4:03, 3:48.
14 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 57.00 min12.00 kmVery windy today, felt weird today. I've been sick a couple of days this week, not sure if I'm recovered yet.
13 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 34.50 min8.00 kmFelt better today, ran at a pretty good pace. I guess I was rested.
10 May 2005Adidas ConjeraLong Intervals 37.00 min8.00 km2000m on the track @ 7:37 + 1 min jog + 1000m @ 3:50. Felt really weird at this point so I decided to call it quits. Warmup: 9 min Cooldown: 15 min
08 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 27.00 min6.00 kmEasy run at night. Legs tired after laying laminate floor.
07 May 2005Adidas ConjeraLong run 105.00 min21.00 kmEasy running with the running club for the first 50 min, after that I picked up the pace a bit. Felt a lot better than last weekend's long run!
06 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 28.00 min6.00 kmLunch run with Gerhard.
05 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 27.00 min6.00 kmLunch run by myself. Felt quite tired.
03 May 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 54.50 min12.00 kmEasy run with David and Gerhard. Nice and warm weather.
01 May 2005Adidas ConjeraLong run 90.00 min19.00 kmSlow long run, ran partly on the hilly ski trails. Got real tired at the end. Only 3 weeks to Red Deer Half-marathon and I'm not in shape!
30 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 18.00 min4.00 kmGood paced run in the evening on the treadmill. I had just got my new Squier 51 - it's awesome!
30 April 2005Adidas ConjeraLong Intervals 30.00 min8.00 km5 x 3 min (1 min easy jog) on the treadmill 9 min warmup
27 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 25.00 min6.00 kmGood pace on the treadmill. BUT, my knee is starting to bother me again... sigh... here we go again. The knee brace is my only hope.
27 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 17.50 min4.50 kmShort and quick lunch run - a lot faster without the dog!
24 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 62.00 min13.50 kmLonger run, very nice day, plus 15 degrees and not much wind.
23 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmFirst run with the new Running Club. Easy pace, picked it up later.
22 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 36.50 min8.00 km2nd run of the day, really nice warm evening, felt great.
22 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 21.00 min4.50 kmLunch run with Emma. She is so slow, she must be out of shape.
21 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 27.00 min6.00 kmEasy run in the evening. Lovely weather, 17-19 degrees at 8:30pm! Felt sluggish though after yesterday's workout.
20 April 2005Adidas ConjeraLong Intervals 52.00 min12.00 km5 x 1000m on the track. 3:46, 3:35, 3:37, 3:35, 3:35 (average: 3:37'6) with 1:00 - 1:20 jog rest. Suprisingly good for my lack of training! The pace didn't feel fast either. Good indication. Warmup: 17:30 min Cooldown: 16 min
17 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 21.50 min5.00 kmEasy run before our jazz gig.
16 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 44.00 min10.00 kmUsual 10km loop, felt okay. Warmer weather but it has been windy lately so I wear my coat anyway.
14 April 2005Adidas ConjeraEasy Run 23.00 min5.00 kmWindy, ran from work.
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