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Robert's Training Log

Showing my 100 most recent runs.

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17 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 62.00 min15.00 kmGood pace around Mirror Lake, felt very good.
16 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 110.00 min22.00 kmVery, very tired legs today. Nice weather and good temperature, but my recovery from yesterday's race was really bad.
15 August 2009Saucony A2Race 70.00 min17.50 kmBrian Mazza Memorial Trail Run at Crimson Lake. 1st place in 35:05. Only 5 seconds from the time I had 10 years ago, when I was much faster. Encouraging! Ran behind Matt Spendiff in the beginning. Tried to pass him at 2.5km, but he wouldn't let me. At about 6km, he moved over to let me help with the pace, and after that I didn's see him. He came in at 35:37. Amalia also was 1st in the under 9 category! Amazing! She ran 19:32 on the 3km race! Karly did great too and had 53 low on the 10km, good enough for 4th place. Warmup: 11 min Cooldown: 24 min
13 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 62.00 min13.00 kmTired, tired legs.
12 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 62.00 min13.00 kmReally tired legs today.
11 August 2009Vasque Aether TechFartlek 51.00 min11.00 km10 - 100 step ladder with David A. on the Augustana XC course. We ended up running about 5.25 km in 22:15. 4km in about 16:30. Felt good, and we went really fast on the shorter ones. We jogged really slow on the recovery. Warmup: 13:30 Cooldown: 15:30
11 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 26.00 min6.00 kmAround Mirror Lake, felt much better today.
10 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 41.00 min9.00 kmLegs a bit tired. Hot weather.
09 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Long run 144.00 min31.00 kmLegs were tired today. Ran part of it with Ian. Still feeling the Death Race.
08 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 63.00 min14.00 kmLegs tired, but actually felt better half way through.
07 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Threshold Intervals 64.00 min15.00 kmThreshold intervals, 3000m (10:27), 2000m (7:04), 2000m (7:00), 2000m (6:59) all with 400m jog. Felt lousy and tired. Not well recovered right now. Warmup: 12 min Cooldown: 15 min
06 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 62.00 min14.50 kmAround Mirror Lake. Legs MUCH better today.
05 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 32.50 min6.50 kmReally, really tired legs. Oh my.
04 August 2009Saucony A2Short Intervals 68.00 min15.50 km7 x 800 meters with David A at about 2:30. Rest was 400m slow jog/walk in about the same time. It actually felt really good, although muscles were still tight from the Death Race. Warmup: 10 min Cooldown: 26 min
02 August 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 12.00 min2.50 kmRan back and forth taking photos during the kids' 5 km race. Amalia finished the hilly course in 1:02 and Karly ran 31:32.
01 August 2009Vasque Aether TechRace 190.00 min43.00 kmDeath Race. Leg 3 - 1:10 Leg 5 - 1:50 Great run on the first leg, but on the second one I got tired after the river crossing. Ran for a British Commando Soldier team, great fun. When I finished leg 1, I was informed that Alex, who ran leg 1, had a sore knee. He was planning on running leg 5 as well, so I volunteered to run leg 5 instead. Very tired, but still fun! Warmup: 10 min
30 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 62.50 min12.50 kmGrande Cache, very hilly run again. Legs are getting a bit tired from all this steep up and down. Taking tomorrow off to rest my legs a bit for Saturday's race.
29 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 31.50 min6.50 kmGrande Cache morning run. Ran part of leg 1, felt pretty good. Warm weather all week here.
29 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 35.00 min7.00 kmGrande Cache evening run. Ran down to a lake and up. Very hilly of course. Legs starting to feel tired.
28 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 62.00 min13.00 kmGrand Cache evening run. Hilly place, ran on some pretty hard trails. Effort - fairly hard, legs got tired for sure.
27 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 67.00 min14.50 kmLunch run with Gerhard. Felt surprisingly good, considering yesterday's long run was a fairly hard effort.
26 July 2009Nike VomeroLong run 159.00 min35.50 kmEasy pace with Ian for 40 minutes, then I picked it up and ran 4:20 pace for the remainder. It was getting hard at the end, and my left calf is tight from yesterday's race with the cramp incident.
25 July 2009Saucony A2Race 70.00 min17.00 kmYesterday, I placed 2nd in the 5 Peaks Enduro trail race at Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area, west of Edmonton. It was a really nice day, although very hot, and the course was quite fun. Lots of hills, but most are fairly short and there’s usually a down hill right after, so in other words, rolling hills. The Enduro course is in total 14 km (2 x 7 km). Kurt Mueller took it out very fast, and got a pretty good lead right from the start. Brian Torrance was chasing him, and I was chasing both. The three of us joined up just before the first lap. On the flat part in the beginning of the second lap, I felt I needed to pick up the pace a bit. I got a bit of a lead immediately, which surprised me. I am naturally quite good on flats, and quite poor on hills, so I needed to take advantage of the flats. Not surprisingly, on the first hill, they were right behind me again. Then during some more flat parts, I got a lead again and I was feeling good. I noticed Kurt was falling behind Brian. I know that Brian is very strong towards the end of races, so I did all I could to go hard at this point. I kept the lead for a good while. Then, with about 2 km left, there were still a few hills left, and I started losing it a bit and I noticed my lead was diminishing. If I could manage the last 6 rolling hills in the lead, maybe I could go hard on the last flat kilometre, was my thinking. Nope, that would not happen, as Brian came flying by, and there was nothing I could do. On top of all, my calves started cramping going down the hills, which probably was because of the heat (dehydration) and me sprinting fast down. I don’t recall ever having calf cramps before. I had to slow down a bit on the last kilometre because of the cramping. I finished in 56:27 and Brian won in 56:12 and I’m quite happy with my performance this day. I could have gone a little faster if it hadn’t been for the cramps, but the good signs were that I didn’t die going up the hills, and my downhill running was strong. I do not consider myself a good cross-country runner, but today was a good run for me. Karly was 2nd in the 15-19 category, way to go! Denise did good too, and Amalia ran great in the kids’ race, which was about a mile long. She only had to walk once, just for a little bit.
24 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 60.50 min13.00 kmLunch run in hot weather. Felt pretty good still. 27 degrees C.
23 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 55.00 min12.00 kmLunch run, hot weather.
22 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 75.00 min15.50 kmLunch run with Gerhard on the ski trails. Felt quite good. Hot! 28 degrees C.
21 July 2009Saucony A2Long Intervals 35.00 min8.00 km5 x 1000 m on the track, 2 min jog recovery/200 m. Splits: 3:11, 3:10, 3:10, 3:10, 3:12. Good one, consider the conditions. It was very hot weather - 27 degrees and direct sunlight. My feet were getting really hot on that black rubber track! Warmup: 5 min Cooldown: 6 min
21 July 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 48.00 min11.00 kmLunch run, legs feeling better today. Warm out.
20 July 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 58.00 min12.50 kmEasy lunch run with Gerhard. Legs still a bit weak but better than yesterday.
19 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Long run 110.00 min23.50 kmTired overall, ran at slow pace today. Very windy too.
18 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Race 94.00 min23.00 kmWainwright Battle River Run half-marathon. Shared the first place with Ian. Brutally hot and strong winds too. Body and legs felt dead from the start.
17 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 60.50 min13.50 kmEasy run with Gerhard at lunch.
16 July 2009Saucony A2Short Intervals 56.00 min14.00 km5 x 200 (36, 35, 35, 35, 34) + 2 x 400 (70, 71) + 3x 200 (35, 35, 35) + 400 (70) + 34, 35, 35) + 400 (70). Every interval had 1 minute or less jog recovery (200m). Good workout, hot weather. Warmup: 13:30 Cooldown: 16 min
15 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 58.00 min12.50 kmWarm day, ran with Ian.
14 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Tempo run 51.50 min12.00 km5000m running club event. I ran it as a threshold run, pacing Nathan. I ran it in 17:51. Felt tired overall. Strong wind too.
13 July 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 29.50 min6.00 kmOh my, did I ever have dead legs today! Yesterday's long run took more than expected out of me.
12 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Long run 172.00 min37.00 kmEasy 1.5 hours with Gerhard and Ian (5 min/km) then I picked up the pace and ran mostly around 4:25 after that. A little tired, but definitely felt good overall. Not spent at the end.
11 July 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 54.00 min11.50 kmLegs a bit dead, could definitely feel yesterday's workout...
10 July 2009Nike VomeroThreshold Intervals 74.00 min19.00 kmThreshold Intervals 4km+4km+2km+2km+2km (14:20, 14:15, 7:02, 7:01, 7:02) on the track today. Not exactly easy, but still doable.
09 July 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 45.00 min10.00 kmFelt tired, have not slept enough lately.
08 July 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 52.50 min11.50 kmLunch run, partly with Ian. Felt slow in the beginning, but picked up the pace a bit later on.
07 July 2009Saucony A2Long Intervals 42.00 min11.00 km6 x 1000m with David A. - 200 m jog recovery + some walking, around 1:30 to 2 min rest. Splits: 3:17, 3:14, 3:13, 3:11, 3:09, 3:00. 3:11 average. Felt good! Warmup: 5 min Cooldown: 15 min
05 July 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Long run 128.00 min30.00 kmLong run in warm weather. Started getting tired towards the end. Not quite feeling strong at the moment.
04 July 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 54.50 min12.50 kmEvening run while Gerhard was building a toy car with Amalia.
03 July 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 30.00 min7.00 kmEvening run, same as in the morning, felt more tired this time.
03 July 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 29.20 min7.00 kmMorning run, felt quite good.
02 July 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 64.00 min14.00 kmLunch run with Gerhard. Feeling a bit weak.
01 July 2009Saucony A2Race 53.00 min13.00 km10,000 meter time trial on the track. Slow time - 34:25. Ran with Ian for the first couple of kilometres (he ran 5,000 only). Felt okay until about half-way, when my legs tightened up, stomach started acting up and my whole body generally felt like crap after that. Splits: 3:24, 3:23, 3:23, 3:25, 3:25 (17:03), 3:26, 3:26, 3:31, 3:33, 3:25.
30 June 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 47.50 min10.00 kmEasy jogging around the track, coaching David A. to a 16:30 5000 meter time trial.
29 June 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 51.00 min11.00 kmEasy with Gerhard. Feeling tired and under the weather a bit.
28 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Long run 108.00 min24.00 kmRan in the valley, far into where I haven't run before. Very hilly and tricky but fun. Ran back on Range Road 205 to Highway 13. Very windy on the way back, and dry. Didn't bring any water. Pretty hard run today, even though it was not very long.
27 June 2009Nike VomeroEasy Run 62.50 min15.00 kmNew shoes, Nike Vomero. Got them in Edmonton, at the Running Room, for $50 in the back room where they keep the overstocked shoes. Nice shoe! Haven't used Nike in a long time. These are well cushioned. Felt great running this evening.
26 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Threshold Intervals 53.00 min12.00 kmNot feeling 100 percent today, but I wanted to try a few threshold intervals anyway. Did not go too well. 3 x 2000 m on the track in 7 minutes each. Had to work fairly hard for this pace, and after 3 of them, enough was enough. Warmup: 14 min Cooldown: 14:30
24 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 45.00 min10.10 kmUsual 10km loop, feeling quite tired overall
23 June 2009Saucony A2Easy Run 45.00 min10.50 km15 x 400 (1:20/200 m jog/walk) with David. Not quite fresh for this workout but it went easier than expected. A bit of a wind today. Splits: 72, 74, 73, 72, 71, 71, 73, 71, 72, 72, 72, 72, 71, 71, 73 Warmup: 4:30 Cooldown: 4:30
22 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 43.50 min9.50 km43:30 - slow and easy, feeling tired.
20 June 2009Saucony A2Race 78.00 min18.50 kmK-100 leg 5, nice time for me - 1:13:17. Still, I was only 6th on my leg, unbelievable. I developed a cold the days before the race, but I doubt it slowed me down much. Team did awesome and finished 2nd in the open category, 10:29:44, faster than projected! Warmup: 5 min
18 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 65.50 min14.00 kmEasy run with Gerhard. Feeling a bit tired overall.
17 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 35.50 min8.00 kmVery tired today. Need more rest! Have not slept enough lately.
16 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 25.25 min6.10 kmLunch run, felt good. 6.1 km in 25:15.
16 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Long Intervals 50.00 min12.50 km4 x 1600 m (3 min rest) on the track with David A, Ian, David B and Brendan. Splits: 5:27, 5:27, 5:24, 5:19. Warmup: 13 min Cooldown: 12:30
14 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Long run 148.00 min32.50 kmNice long run with Gerhard, Ian and Brendan. Felt refreshingly good for having run a pretty demanding race yesterday.
13 June 2009Saucony A2Race 78.00 min17.50 km5 Peaks in Devon. Enduro Course 14.3 km: Total Elevation 1552 ft/473m per lap (2 laps). Fun race! 1st place, won a nice Solomon running jacket. Stayed behind K Masters most of the way, and took it over during the flat part on the last 2 km. Warmup: 5 min Cooldown: 11 min
12 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 38.00 min8.50 kmEasy lunch run.
11 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Threshold Intervals 47.00 min11.50 km5 x 1000 meters, 200m/1 min jog recovery. Splits: 3:35, 3:34, 3:33, 3:33, 3:33. Warmup: 13 min Cooldown: 12 min
10 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 54.50 min12.50 kmFelt pretty tired today. Nice warm weather.
09 June 2009Saucony A2Race 54.50 min14.00 km3000 meter time trial in 9:21 with David A, David B and David S. David A. pulled the first km, then I was by myself. Splits: 3:07, 3:04, 3:10. After that, we did 6 x 200 meters in 34, 34, 34, 34, 32, 32. Warmup: 20:30 Cooldown: 12:30
07 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Long run 86.00 min19.00 kmTrain run with David B. Felt quite tired today overall.
04 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 45.00 min10.70 kmGood pace again today, felt quick. Towards the end, I noticed my legs felt a bit tired though.
03 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 41.50 min10.10 kmNice warm day, got a good pace going.
02 June 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 31.00 min7.00 kmTo the track, and I ran a 200 in 35s, 400 in 76s and an 800 in 2:40. Felt remarkably good, considering I ran a marathon only 2 days ago.
31 May 2009Saucony A2Race 170.00 min43.00 kmCalgary Marathon, 22:44:06 - 7th place overall and 3rd in my age category. Race went well for me - negative splits for the first time ever. (1:22:35, 1:21:31) Ran by myself until 32-33 km, when Brendan joined up and helped me keep pace. We passed several runners, and at about 40 km, I could't keep up with Brendan and had to let him go.
30 May 2009Brooks Adrenaline 8Easy Run 13.50 min3.00 kmEasy morning jog downtown Calgary. Brand new shoes, I like them.
28 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 43.00 min9.00 kmNice easy run with Gerhard at lunch.
26 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 28.00 min6.50 kmEasy lunch run. Was going to run on the track, but there was a meet going on there.
26 May 2009Brooks yellow racersThreshold Intervals 34.00 min8.00 km5 x 1000m on the track 3:37, 3:34, 3:29, 3:31, 3:27 + 200m in 34s. Warmup: 4:30 Cooldown: 3 min
24 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Long run 118.00 min24.50 kmEasy longer run with Gerhard. Legs so so, not great, not terrible. Fantastic weather, sunny and warm and beautiful morning.
23 May 2009Saucony A2Tempo run 55.00 min15.00 km10,000 meters on the track in 34:56 (Threshold pace). 3 min jog, then 1,000 meters in 3:12. Warmup: 11 min Cooldown: 9 min
22 May 2009Saucony A2Easy Run 61.50 min13.00 kmLegs still not fresh, but a little bit better today. With Gerhard around ski trails.
21 May 2009Adidas Super NovaEasy Run 43.00 min10.00 kmLegs not fresh at all.
19 May 2009Adidas Super NovaEasy Run 37.50 min8.00 kmMy left ankle is sore. It is sort of below the ankle bone. It could be a stretched ligament. I have to be careful now. It hurt in the beginning today when I ran, but it loosened up after a while. It hurts when walking and massaging the area.
17 May 2009Saucony A2Race 112.00 min29.00 kmRed Deer Half-marathon 2nd place in 1:14:57. Had the lead for while but Brian Torrance was too strong for me on the 2nd half. Great weather and temperature. Light wind. Splits: 3:33, 3:36, 3:18, 3:19, 3:33, 3:32, 3:32, 3:36, 3:43, 3:22 (35:07 on 10 km), 3:37, 3:27, 3:29, 3:28, 3:27, 3:32, 3:32, 3:44, 3:43, 3:40 (1:10:53 on 20 km), 4:05 on the last 1095 meters. The km markers were likely not always in the right spot... Warmup: 13 min Cooldown: 24 min
16 May 2009Adidas Super NovaEasy Run 15.00 min2.50 kmRan around the track for a bit, timing Karly when she did 10 x 100 meters at about 17 seconds each. My legs are still unfresh. Hope that's gone by tomorrow!!
15 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 53.50 min11.00 kmLegs not fresh today. Took it very easy.
14 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 60.00 min13.50 kmEasy run with Gerhard. I also went to the track and did 3 x 200 at 34, 32, 33 and then 1 km at threshold, 3:39 in strong head wind. Snow and rain in the air too!
13 May 2009Brooks yellow racersRace 78.50 min18.00 kmMcNamara XC race in Goldbar. 2nd place behind B Torrance. 19:20 over the 5.7km race. Felt fairly good, but it was hard. My legs tightened up a bit from all the up and down running. Warmup: 18 min (4km) Cooldown: 40:30 (8km)
12 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 46.00 min10.50 kmVery windy and felt freezing cold. Light mixture of snow and rain.
11 May 2009New Balance xxxEasy Run 61.00 min13.00 kmEasy with Gerhard.
10 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Long run 129.00 min30.00 kmWith Ian, Brendan and David A. Felt good today again. Finished of with last 15 minutes at 3:50 pace.
09 May 2009Brooks TranceLong Intervals 76.00 min18.00 km4 x 2000 meters on the track (1:30 / 400m jog). Splits: 7:08, 7:09, 6:59, 7:01. 2 min rest, then 2 x 1000 meters (2 min rest) in 3:01 and 3:02. Good workout for me! There was a strong wind today too. Can't remember when I last ran 1000s in low 3's. Doing them after first having done 8 km at 3:30ish pace is a very good sign for my current fitness. These Brook Trance shoes always make my left ankle hurt, gotta forget about using these anymore. Warmup: 18 min Cooldown: 15:30 min
08 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 53.00 min11.50 kmEasy run with Gerhard and David A.
07 May 2009New Balance xxxHills 75.00 min17.00 km15 x hills with David A. Splits: 71, 74, 73, 72, 71, 71, 70, 70, 70, 71, 70, 69, 70, 68, 68. Felt not too hard, which is good, considering I had a very hard workout only 2 days ago. Warmup: 14:40 Cooldown: 19 min
06 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 40.00 min9.00 kmLunch run, felt surprisingly good considering I ran so long yesterday. Quite amazing that I felt this fresh today!
05 May 2009Saucony A2Long run 177.00 min41.50 km17 laps around Mirror Lake (36.55 km), in 2:33.41. Average pace: 4:12 per kilometre. Splits: 8:49, 9:03, 9:05, 9:08, 9:11, 9:08, 9:07, 9:03, 9:10, 9:07, 9:02, 9:08, 9:01, 9:00, 9:02, 9:03, 8:27 Felt alright, although legs were a bit tired towards the end. Running the whole way with my Saucony A2 racing flats felt great though. Didn't get any tightness from wearing these, so this tells me I can safely use them on the marathon. On the jog home, I felt quite fresh and not completely exhausted. I think this was a good checkup on my marathon fitness. I wish I had a few more of these under the belt - I know I have not had enough long runs to run a really strong marathon. If I can keep my training up, a marathon later in the season would be ideal. Calgary will be a good test! Warmup: 11:22 Cooldown: 12:15 Total time: 2:57 or 177 minutes
04 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 67.00 min15.00 kmFelt quite strong today, even though I raced yesterday. Went with Gerhard to look at the burned area in the valley. CN had a big crew there cleaning up. What a mess.
03 May 2009Saucony A2Race 43.00 min11.50 kmPuffin for a Muffin 8 km. 1st place in 27:13. Good race for me. Strong headwind on the way out, which slowed me down a bit. Still, new course record by about a minute! David A ran with me for the first 2.5 km. Splits: 3:27, 3:14, 3:24, 3:25, 3:48 (big hill), 3:20, 3:21, 3:10. Ran as a bunny for the kids 1k run after. Lots of fun! Great day. Warmup: 8 min Cooldown: 8 min
02 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 80.50 min17.50 km21 minutes to the wax room for running club run. 28 minutes very easy 6 km with Evan and Alvin. 31:30 back.
01 May 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 57.00 min12.50 kmWindy day. Tired today again.
30 April 2009New Balance xxxEasy Run 57.00 min13.00 kmEasy lunch run. Tired.
29 April 2009Asics Gel Nimbus 9Easy Run 40.50 min9.00 kmMorning run, a little tired. 2 laps around Mirror Lake.
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